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This is the song-finishers' blog, a lyricwriter's blog aimed at finishing songs in a thoughtful way.

Most of us can write a song. Or often nine-tenths of a song. What to do about that elusive last rhyme, pre-chorus, or bad third verse? There are three options:

1. Write any old half-baked thing that contains the word baby (to rhyme with lady). Hurrah! Nailed it. Ummm shame - was nearly so good.

2. Put in cupboard and wait for inspiration to fall from the sky. And wait. And wait. And hey I got another great idea. And have to go to work. And walk the dog. And make dinner. Double shame. What song? Was nearly so good.

3. Take a shot of SongExpresso. Work through the pain to find the rhyme; reorder the lines to avoid that "baby" incident; delve into your stock of vivid ideas, or create a new one and wake up the audience. Nailed it. No, really nailed it.

Here we think and work and edit and exercise and combat the "nearly" until we get it as perfect as we can. We're going to think it all through and make ourselves proud, and have fun doing it.

And thoughtfulness doesn't mean that the type of songs we write or analyse are always quieter and more melancholy - on the contrary, we also do rock, jazz, metal and rap (and anything else we like). 

Here you'll find Song Analysis, Inspiration, Useful Resources, and General Views & Tips. Stuff that works in practice!

What you wont find are music theory or instrument teaching - there are plenty of great resources out there (we'll point them out when we find them).

Feeling inspired? Feeling uninspired? You need a shot of SongExpresso! 

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